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    Change can be hard and uncomfortable. But when it's done with intention, it can be a beautiful force. Dr. Reddy’s journey to becoming a purpose-driven organization is a testament to its own willingness to embrace change for the benefit of its people and the business.

    Bryan WalkerPartner and Managing Director, IDEO San Francisco

    Case StudyDr. Reddy's Laboratories

    Invigorating a Pharmaceutical Company’s Culture

    Too many executives focus on ideas, but to generate powerful and effective solutions, they ought to instead focus on behaviors and culture—fostering teams that ask questions, experiment, refine, and collaborate.

    David AycanManaging Director, IDEO Products

    Building innovation capabilities that are sustainable doesn’t happen overnight. Ultimately, it requires a company’s leadership to make a bold commitment, and set up the right conditions for creativity to thrive.

    Sally SpinksOrganizational Design Director, IDEO London

    We’ve learned that the best new ideas and capabilities are often incubated from the bottom up through someone’s personal energy and commitment, so it’s important for us to nurture the right kind of environment for it to grow.

    Duane BrayPartner and Global Head of Talent, IDEO New York

    ArticleHarvard Business Review

    IDEO’s Employee Engagement Formula

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